Parmigiano Vegetalia is a hard granular cheese, cooked but not pressed, named after the producing areas. An aged cheese and 100% vegetarian, its 'king' of Italian cheeses.

Pecorino Romano is a hearty, full flavored sheep's milk cheese produced using the finest milk from sheep in Lazio region. Handmade in large 65lbs wheels according to ancient tradition and still aged naturally.
for 12 to 24 months. It has a bold, pungent flavor.

Gorgonzola is made in the northern Italian village, according to which the cheese has its name, either from unpasteurized or pasteurized milk to which the mold is added. Gorgonzola ripens in three to six months. The taste ranges from mild to sharp, depending on age and
is excellent in salads and dips.

Ricotta traditional, creamery, whey cheese made from cow's milk. It is a basin-shaped cheese, pure white and wet but not sticky. Good Ricotta should be firm, not solid and consist of a mass of fine, moist, delicate grains, neither salted nor ripened. It is white, creamy, mild and primarily used in lasagna.

Grated Parmigiano is excellent for cooking.

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DOC Di origine controllata, an
Italian quality assurance label for food products. It is modeled after the French AOC. It was instituted in 1963 and overhauled in 1992 for compliance with the equivalent EU law on Protected Designation of Origin, which came into effect that year.
This system requires
that a food product
be produced within the specified region using defined methods and that it satisfy a defined quality standard.